Discover How To Unleash Your Greatness, Gain More Influence, Become a High-Performance Marketplace Leader and Wealth Creator... 
Tracey Armstrong,
Founder of the Academy of Influence 
"You are destined to win! You will gain incredible insight on God's plan for influence in business, wealth, and life... with no apologies."
Become The Person You Always Wanted To Be
"The blessing of favor resting upon the righteous influences a city to lift it higher,..." (Prov 11:11 TPT)
Do you have big dreams and big ideas, but don't know how to bring them to life? Do you feel like you're not quite fulfilling all of what you hope to become? ... Or maybe you just want to go to the next level and bring purpose to your prosperity, making more money than ever before!

If any one of these describes you, then The Influencers Accelerator might be what you're looking for. 

Inside of you is the making of a champion. A person created to do great and mighty things for God's kingdom, whether that be in business, ministry, or media. It's time to lift the lid for success in your life and business. God wants you to fulfill your desires and live your dreams. He wants you to be established and prosper in the gifts He has placed inside of you.

When you flourish in the gifts He's placed inside you, then you become influential. Now, more than ever, is the time to understand how to break through every limit in your life and develop influence in your city to lift it higher. 

Join me, Pastor Tracey Armstrong, as I help you understand how to execute the dreams and ideas God has given you. 

In Influencers Accelerator You Will Learn...
  • Remove the lid for success in your life and business to live your dreams

  • Bring purpose to your prosperity and make more money than you ever imagined
  • Build a character that wins and break through every limit in your life
  • Unleash your greatness within and become the person you've always dreamed of being
  • Develop a marketing mindset and personal branding

Access Tracey's wealth of coaching and spiritual leadership via Influencers Accelerator weekly online Zoom group coaching sessions

Calls with Tracey and friends. Tracey will teach you branding, scaling, and LID-removing skills to dominate the market. Value: $1,788

Plus: Join a High-Caliber Network of Purpose-Driven Christian Entrepreneurs.

Leverage Tracey's knowledge for strategies that work now to break barriers and create greater impact, increase, and influence.
 Value: $598

The Kingmaker Academy 

The Kingmaker and Showmaker coaching systems. Value: $5000

On-Demand access to The Academy of Influence library.

This is the VAULT of coaching programs... You must be ready to grow and achieve if you open it. 
Value: $594

Total Value of The 6 Month Program... $4050.00 for only $298.00 A Month

Here is What The Alumni Influencers Have to Say About the Program...

Influencers Cadre and Online Zoom Programs

Program Details:
Free Application

6 Month Faith Based Apprenticeship 

 Influencers Apprenticeship  
Weekly live In- Person and Online coaching sessions

  • Pushing Boundaries Training - Mindset and brand development.
  • ​Punch Your Lid in The Face Training- Live a charged and on fire life.
  • Launch Your Business- 10X your life and business.
  • Clarify Your Message- Leave your mark and be the difference.
  • ​Influence and Impact- Expand your reach & lead change.
  • ​Gifts of The Spirit and Impartation Training for the marketplace
  • ​Prosper With A Purpose